Sidney Smith was born in Harlem, New York and relocated to New York's Lower East Side. He is currently an unsigned professional basketball player. Sidney's rare physical gifts,natural basketball ability,regimented work ethic, and high basketball aptitude have helped him earn many basketball accolades, including being named the Foothill Athletic Conference Juco player of the year while attending the College of the Desert. Sidney has also earned several most valuable player awards while playing pro am basketball, including being the West 4th Street Pro Am Classic mvp. Please email all player inquiries to


Letter From Sidney Smith

I’ve been studying the game of basketball my entire life; I am a student of the game and a player. I am 32 years of age and I know in a lot of people’s minds that is too old to be pursuing a professional career in the NBA, but I do not feel this way; I am a true believer and dreamer, yet realistic of what my ability truly is! I walked away from street ball eight years ago to give myself and my body a real opportunity to reach my ultimate goal, playing in the NBA. I practiced fundamental basketball nonstop, 12 midnight, in rain, and snow, while dedication is not the only qualification a person needs to compete on the highest level, I know in my heart, mind, and spirit I can compete on the highest level of basketball if given the opportunity to prove myself. I have been preparing myself for the past eight years through a disciplined regimen, both mentally and physically. I have the focus, dedication, determination, discipline, skill set, and IQ to compete on the NBA level. Basketball is my god given gift and I did not use it to my advantage in my early twenties, but I am wiser, more humble and more complete as a person because of this. I know and understand how to play the game of basketball fundamentally. My game is so different from players today, it starts and ends with a love for the game, a high basketball IQ ,heart, preparation, experience, practice, defense, team, willingness to learn ,sacrifice, discipline, desire, will, toughness, focus, spirit, integrity, dedication, and fearlessness. My natural abilities give me an opportunity to go from a student and fan of the game to a NBA player; I just need someone in a position of power to take a chance and give me an opportunity to prove myself and I will not disappoint!